Aloe Vera Requirements in Different Age Groups.

Posted on April 15th, 2021 11:00 AM

The natural fresh juice - swaras and in this case Aloevera has such great medicinal properties which make it really effective for persons of almost any group. Use of aloe vera is in two ways – its application of raw aloe vera or aloe vera gel on human skin and its consumption in the form of aloe vera juice. Generally, it is recommended that people of above 20 years can only consume it but in special cases and under strict medical advice, it can be given to teens and kids as well in the required quantities. It is always advised to refer to what product manufacturers mention it on the product leaflet about the age group suitability of the product.

Aloe vera requirements for Children

Aloe vera is quite safe on baby skin. It is effective in curing baby rashes. Rashes often inflame child's skin with itchy, red patches and application of aloe vera or aloe vera gel soothes it and cures rashes. As such there is no recommended regular use of aloe vera prescribed for children and it is for therapeutic use only.

Aloe Vera requirements for the Young

Aloe vera is a blessing for the young. It is a miraculous medicine for the skin as it keeps the skin healthy and glowing. For the teens in the age group of 16-20, it is especially helpful in curing pimples and keeping the skin free of any other ailments. Regular use of aloe vera juice and application of aloe vera gel is advised by Ayurveda. However, aloe vera supplements are not advised to be used orally by children and by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Aloe Vera requirements for the Aged

For the old and ageing, aloe vera is really helpful in rejuvenating the body by bringing back to life the old and dilapidated cells. It is an anti-ageing drug for the old and ageing. Regular use of aloe vera juice produced by The Nature’s Kid are effective ones as these are flavored aloe vera juice which are much tastier and beneficial to the people.



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