About Us

The Nature’s Kid was founded by Akanksha and Ayush Gupta. Our mission is to bring the wisdom of ayurvedic health science into everyone’s life and be India’s number one ayurvedic brand. You can trust The Nature’s Kid with your health – we want your life to be easy, beautiful and full of energy. We will not cut any corners when it comes to bringing you the best for your health. The Nature’s Kid focus on quality and will bring you only the purest and most naturally delicious aloe vera juices.

Why The Nature’s Kid

The Nature’s Kid is an ayurvedic company based in Jaipur that is focused on new innovation in aloe vera juice. We have created seven different all-natural flavours of aloe vera juice so it’s not only good for you, but it tastes good too. There is no sugar or colouring in any of our juices, so it is safe for diabetic patients. The Nature’s Kid are the first company in India to make sugar-free aloe vera juice available. We use stevia which is a natural sweetener without the harmful side effects of either sugar or artificial sweeteners. Our juices are 98% pure aloe vera. The rest is made of 1% flavour, and 1% preservative. Our preservatives are not harmful, and are the government approved ingredients that only help to make it safer for you.

How to use

A daily 30ml dose of The Nature’s Kid aloe vera juice will bring dramatic improvements to your health, energy and give a shining and clear appearance to you. A 30ml portion is equal to one aloe vera leaf. Other brands say drink 30ml aloe vera with 30ml water, but our juice should be drunk directly on an empty stomach. Aloe vera has detoxifying properties so you will get the best benefits by taking pure juice and allowing it to move through your digestion system for a short time - diluting it with water reduces these benefits. You can drink water 10-15 minutes after taking aloe vera.

Why flavoured Aloe vera juice

The Nature’s Kid aloe vera juice is for the whole family. We have specially created a range of seven flavours so that old and young can all enjoy the health benefits of aloe vera and look forward to their daily dose. Life will never be boring with so many tastes of nature’s bounty to choose from!



The king of fruits! The flavour of mango is a timeless slice of heaven. Paired with aloe vera it creates a drink that satisfies the taste buds and brings memories of summer days.


Rose is the scent of purity and bliss. Drink rose flavoured aloe vera juice and be transported into a divine realm while you uplift your physical health and well-being


Paan brings sweet feelings of the spices of life and happy days. Drinking paan flavoured aloe vera feels like a treat, not a chore!


The zesty tang of orange! Refresh and revitalise with a burst of orange flavour as you take your daily dose of aloe vera.


The perfume of litchi transports you to a place of natural delights! Uplift your senses and relax with the beautiful aroma of litchi aloe vera.


A favourite for young and old - strawberry flavour never goes out of style.


For those who value complete purity and want to enjoy the all-natural taste of aloe vera, the way nature intended.


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